Company Values

cult3Culture & Values

As our company grows and evolves, we work hard to allow our culture to grow and evolve in a way that is most conducive to a productive, creative and enjoyable environment.   It has become part of our values to enhance our day to day experience by changing the way we operate.


K.E has built strong and dedicated employees who have fueled our continued success.

The skills, talents and commitment of our employees is what makes our company  a leader in the electrical services industry by allowing us to deliver superior customer service and capitalize on new opportunities. Investing in those who invest in us is what makes our company so unique, and is something we are extremely proud of.  We understand that providing a satisfying work environment helps us to get the most out of our people, and is what ultimately leads to personal achievement.  So if you are hard-working, dedicated, ambitious and interested in the long-term, the opportunities for recognition, continued professional development and advancement are waiting for you.

There is an understanding that behind every employee is a person with feelings, passions, beliefs, values and desires.  Not only are we project managers, engineers, administrative assistants, vice presidents, accountants, etc., more importantly we are also husbands, wives, parents, partners, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and much more.

From the projects we’re engaged in around the nation, to the people we hire and work with, our employees are exposed to a variety of environments, situations and people – all factors that ultimately help each and every one of us to grow both personally and professionally. This diversity at all levels of our organization is the formula that builds stronger teams, greater understanding, better ideas and well-rounded decision making.


Values are the fundamental beliefs that guide and inspire us; and help to shape our behavior and culture.

Our core values are:

  • Loyalty
    The building of mutually beneficial relationships both internally and externally that stand the test of circumstances and time
  • Customer Satisfaction
    By listening to our customers and responding to their needs we seek to add value and exceed their expectations
  • Strong Work Ethic
    Having the passion, commitment and enthusiasm to get the job done correctly
  • Teamwork
    The main ingredient for individual success is the rest of the team
  • Commitment
    Being prepared to dedicate time and energy to fulfil obligations in the pursuit of the group’s objectives
  • Innovation &Excellence
    Seek continuous improvement and pursuit outstanding qualities and outcomes
  • Honesty &Integrity
    The demonstration of the above values in adherence to the code of conduct