Additional Services

Management Consulting

K.E provides comprehensive management consulting services across all critical infrastructure sectors – including electric, oil & gas, and water markets. Our management consulting expertise is backed by deep industry, technical and engineering experience that enables us to understand and address the most complex issues facing our clients.

Our management consultants are a trusted source of integrated strategy, process and technology solutions for our clients, including investor-owned and publicly owned utilities, municipalities, financial institutions and organizations across the oil and gas value chain.

With our customized feasibility study, you will discover:

  • Different technical options
  • Duration of installation
  • Environmental awareness
  • Capital estimates of all options
  • Operating costs, both short-term & long-term
  • Specific industry standards and local & government regulations
  • A reliability analysis

We will provide you with a solution that is specific for your company. We chose the right design for your company means it has to meet to industry & government regulations yet flexible enough to meet changing business environments.
Our objective is to de-risk the unknowns as much as possible to avoid delay and costs, both direct & lost-opportunity costs. You will save time & money by knowing all risks before the project begins.  As system integrators, we understand how the critical components fit together including:

  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Communication systems
  • Automation systems

You will receive a straight-forward, unbiased and independent assessment. With a customized feasibility study, you receive the best information available so you can make the right decision for your company.

due diligence rportsAsset Management

K.E develops cost-effective, practical asset management solutions. We provide services at each stage of the asset life cycle. Those services range from business transformation and change management at the strategic level, to asset condition assessment and deterioration modeling at the tactical level. We deliver levels of service that effectively balance cost and risk. In the process, clients optimize capital and operational expenditures. We’ll identify business process improvements and enhance operations via information management and communications.