Energy & Power

Energy & PowerPOWER-GRID

We are recognized leaders in providing generation, transmission and distribution solutions for the utility segment.  Our highly advanced and sector-specific solutions integrate the latest technology with high quality products including switchgear, pre-fabricated switchgear houses and motor controls.

We offer real bottom-line benefits to owners of generation assets, transmission & distribution operators and energy retailers.

We’re also using innovation to make a real and sustainable difference in the delivery of power. Our low voltage to middle voltage switchgear, for example, offers:

  • High integration and reduction of low voltage cabling results in noticeably less power losses
  • Eco-friendly and safe dry-type transformers

Our expertise, experience and solutions-based approach enables us to deliver increased reliability, uptime and overall return on investment to system owners. Our comprehensive product range includes:

  • Medium voltage power distribution
  • Protection and control associated with medium voltage systems
  • Distributed management systems for local communications and network control
  • Smart meters and software solutions
  • Low voltage consumer panels
  • Home automation controllers

K.E provides Smart Grid solutions that help the world distribute and consume electrical power more intelligently. Our comprehensive, innovative range of products and services can be used to reliably, efficiently and safely manage power across utility, commercial, industrial and residential markets. From power generation through to power consumption, our solutions create smarter homes, buildings, factories, transportation, distribution and energy across the grid.

Our activities include:

  • Smart Energy distribution (Automated Medium Voltage systems, Protective Relays, Smart meters)
  • Smart Residential Homes (Smart meters, Energy Management, Data Management)
  • Smart Commercial- & Institutional Buildings (System Integrated Services, Smart Meters, Energy Management)
  • Smart Industrial Buildings (Automated Medium Voltage systems, protective Relays, Smart Meters, Energy Management)
  • Smart Renewable Energy (Automated Medium Voltage Systems, Protective Relays, Smart Meters, Energy Management)