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publisher_certificationKhoury Engineering & General Contracting is engaged in the manufacturing of high quality distribution of: Panel boards, Control panels and Switchgears. Equipped with modern machinery & machine tools, testing equipment and competent man-power; the manufacturing facility is well set to carry out the job in accordance with the stringent standards and to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

Our effort for excellence is further strengthened by the successful Type Test Certificates we have attained from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC for up to 2500 A panels.

As registered LV panel assemblers, we assemble low/middle voltage switchgear products conforming to the requirements, regulations and specifications of SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

Our panels conform to the latest International standards such as IEC 61439-1&2 Standard

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC IEC standards are market benchmarks and often a reference in legal issues. The new IEC 61439-1&2 is the benchmark for the construction of LV electrical switchboards. IEC 61439 1&2 fully meets the requirements of designers and users of new generation LV switchboards:

  • Safety of persons and equipment
  • Electrical availability
  • Long-term reliability and conformity

To guarantee these essential values, the standard sets a wide range of requirements.
These include designing a “system” compliant in all aspects:

  • Checking interactions and consistency between switchgear and equipment
  • Providing protection against electrical, mechanical and structural hazards
  • Simplifying system maintenance and upgrading cycles

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