Khoury Engineering & General Contracting is known with powering Telecom Networks Worldwide. We recognize that the challenges faced by each operator are unique to each application, so K.E has the total electrical solutions or individual power distribution, power quality to suit every network application. We can support you with your design, build and support needs for core network builds or any access point in the network. We are specialized in:

  • Power distribution:
  • K.E has developed industry-leading solutions in medium and low voltage power distribution to ensure a reliable, safe and efficient supply of power to critical telecommunication applications.

  • Telecom DC Solutions:
  • K.E addresses the core of a network by offering high efficiency, high reliability, modular DC system designs, with built-in redundancy and secure, always on-line, battery backup. Our compact DC solutions are well suited to outdoor telecoms enclosures and other space limited installations. We can support with alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind and hybrid diesel power sources.

  • UPS:
  • K.E’s UPS and power quality solutions maximize clean, safe and reliable power to critical applications, giving you continuous uptime to keep your business running without interruption.

  • Monitoring:
  • K.E’s monitoring software offerings help you monitor critical components in your power system and your facilities.

  • Other Services

Our experienced specialists can assist you in designing, building and maintaining telecom site power, making it possible to manage power systems as a strategic resource that brings you competitive advantage.
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