Control System Design & Engineering

Khoury Engineering & General Contracting  merges the latest technology with electrical expertise to provide automated controls for virtually any process in any industry. Never again must you waste time calling multiple contractors. Rely instead on our engineers, control designers, programmers and installation technicians to deliver your relay control panels in the form of an automated and customized project solution. It all adds up to one estimate and one point of contact for both control panel design and installation questions or concerns.

Process control & Instrumentation

K.E relies on the new standards in process control. With a top performance, unique, scalable architecture and outstanding system characteristics; our process control system is convincing whichever way you look at it. It is specialized with a flexible modular redundancy and end-to-end data storage, communication and configuration enable cost-effective realization and economical operation of control systems. Our groundbreaking process control system stands for top-level efficiency in process control. It takes on the automation of all ancillary, upstream and downstream processes and offers you a whole host of benefits. From a small laboratory system right through to a large plant network, our system offers extremely flexible scaling and allows a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership every time. Our process control is specialized with:

  1. A maximum communication consistency:

We maximize planning flexibility and we implement the most appropriate network infrastructures while minimizing costs.

  1. An Integrated communication based on international, cross-vendor standards that can be flexibly combined

This unrestricted integration creates the preconditions for efficient interoperability of all components and for greatest transparency across all levels, relevant information is available anywhere in the project at any time. It offers:

  • More efficient commissioning and more flexible production
  • Diagnostics and maintenance – also wireless or via the Internet due to consistent use of international standards
  • Simplified expansion and modernization due to great openness and flexibility
  1. Industrial Security –
 comprehensive project protection against cyber threats:

We offer the appropriate industry-compatible security products for network security and system integrity that enables efficient protection of industrial communication – and implementation of the Industrial Security concept for protecting our projects and their automation systems. We offer:

  • Project security due to the physical protection of the plant by setting up customer-specific security management
  • Network security due to segmentation of the network and use of firewalls and VPN tunnels: protection from unauthorized access and protected communication
  • System integrity  due to integrated security functions that protect against unauthorized access and manipulation
  1. Safety Integrated –
 faster, simpler implementation of safe machines:

As part of Totally Integrated Automation, we insure a Safety Integrated reliable protection of personnel, machines and the environment while allowing maximum economic efficiency and flexibility

  1. Reliable protection of personnel, machinery, and environment due to seamless integration of safety technologies into the standard automation:

The comprehensive safety portfolio meets all the requirements for functional safety of machines and plants, and permits more simple, faster, and more economical implementation of safe and productive machines. We offer:

  • Improved engineering efficiency – due to integration of safety technology into the standard automation Maximum process safety – due to comprehensive offer of safe, fault-tolerant applications complying with the latest guidelines
  • Simple implementation of safe communication – due to use of proven standard buses for transmission of safety-related data

Safety Systems

Over the past 20 years, K.E has successfully delivered and installed safety systems in more than 20 countries worldwide. With operations on all continents and dedicated safety system teams around the world, K.E provides not only highly-qualified technical resources during project delivery, but also ensures competent local support and service in operation. We work hard with end-users to maintain and evolve existing installations, thereby maximizing customer value and ensuring safe plant operation.

The name given to the efficient interoperability of all automation components is: “Totally integrated automation”. The open system architecture covers the entire production process and is based on the consistent presence of shared characteristics: consistent data management, global standards, and uniform hardware and software interfaces. These shared characteristics minimize engineering time. The result: lower costs, reduced time to market, and greater flexibility.

control programming Control System Programming (PLC, DCS, TMR, SCADA)

K.E’s solutions are currently operating in thousands of automation and remote monitoring installations throughout the world. Their robust electronics and rugged packaging allow years of reliable service, even in the most remote areas. By designing a scalable product line, K.E has ensured its products meet a broad range of requirements. Whether the installation calls for a few points or thousands of points, a K.E solution will cost-effectively perform all automation and remote monitoring operations. Compatibility throughout the entire product line is the key. Across all applications, common software tools, communications networking, and hardware platforms maximize efficiency. Systems integrators can considerably reduce project costs and scheduling risks while end users realize faster payback as well as major improvements in operations and maintenance. Khoury Engineering & General Contracting provides innovative remote automation, flow measurement, monitoring, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) products to global markets. We have an outstanding reputation in the design and implementation of a wide range of visualization and SCADA systems. With over 20 years’ experience in programming SCADA solutions for customers in the Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Medical Device, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, Tobacco and Utilities industries, you can be confident in our SCADA engineering capabilities. As our name implies, we offer simple yet powerful telemetry technology that leverages easy-to-use web technologies and inexpensive public networks. Our remote terminal Unit (RTU) products are easy to configure and offer dramatically reduced costs versus traditional SCADA/PLC systems. K.E can design and build SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems able to meet varied project requirements from elevated tank automation, pump stations, or to entire water treatment plants. These systems can range from a single server installation to hot-standby terminal servers that log data to a historical data server. We are able to utilize a variety of HMI software packages over a number of network infrastructures types. We have installed over 50 SCADA systems nationwide and worldwide.

Type of systems

  1. Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)
  2. K.E designs its PACs with the latest processing technology to solve advanced control problems in rugged, industrial environments. PACs from our company helps you reduce design risk and get to market faster. From rugged shock and temperature specifications to an open platform concept, PACs are ideal for advanced control design. PACs are specialized with a ruggedness, processing power, and open programmability that are ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications. From Oil and Gas to Electrical Power, PACs help you lower cost through better control system design.

  3. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  4. K.E designs and implements Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), ranging from single unit devices to large distributed rack-based systems for customers in the Automotive, Aviation, Chemical, Food and Beverage Medical Device, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Utilities industries.

Application system programming (system integration)

  • It is impossible to keep control and supervision on all industrial activities manually. Some automated tool is required which can control, supervise, collect data, analyses data and generate reports. A unique solution is introduced to meet all this demand and it is the SCADA System. K.E’s SCADA system stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. It is an industrial control system where a computer system monitoring and controlling a process.

control fabricationFabrication / Assembly / Integration

Our control solutions set the standard — from the original programmable logic controller (PLC) invented in the 1970s to the technology embodied in the scalable, multi-disciplined and information-enabled programmable automation controller (PAC). Our system has a sophisticated networking technology that is capable of instantly connecting any SCADA station with one another in the same network. Any application can be a network server for other stations, it takes just a few clicks to connect client stations. Efficiency and performances are guaranteed by event-driven technology and other emergent and multiplatform technologies. Any application can be used as server and client either individually or both simultaneously. Client projects can also be distributed and run locally on the client while residing on the main server.

Debug /optimization

Khoury Engineering & General Contracting offers:

  • Easy Deployment: Launch clients instantly from your web browser.
  • Easy Maintenance: Instantly make changes to all clients with one click.
  • Cross Platform: Never worry about what operating system you use.
  • Real-Time Control & Analytics: Easily control, display and analyze the status of your facility.
  • Rapid Development: Build powerful applications using the Designer.
  • Hot-Pluggable Modules: Ignition’s modular architecture grows with you, add modules to match your company’s ever growing needs

Prior to placing any system into service our equipment performs a complete operational test. Our testing includes control panel inspection, 100% testing of all wired I/O, and 100% testing of operational functions. At the completion of testing we certify that the system is ready for continuous operation and provides complete warranty.